We are changing the concept of Gaming for the better.
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The Game will be running on Ethereum blockchain, so every GnG coin in the game will protected using the Ethereum smart contract platform. With smart contract it will ensure the safety of your transaction and make sure the game will keep running as long as the blockchain keep running.

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Using the Ethereum blockchain, we make the GnG coin circulation and transaction flow open to public. This way we create a revolutionary game with full transparency. Achieving the impossible!!!

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The game is owned by the community. As you buy INF token, you got the right ownership in the game platform as passive owner. This will give you a passive income from the earning of the platform depending how many INF token you have.

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As an INF Holder, you will get profit sharing, with great prospect for future price. As for the GnG community, when the game start you will help the community member have better opportunity to increase their and your quality of life, so this will increase the INF coin value and the game earning, making the community grow exponentially that will be fuel the game to keep spinning bigger and bigger.

The Greed & Give Concept

The game is a game of greed, where every participant give help to each other.

You might think, what is it all about? Isn’t it just another pyramid system? The answer Is NO…. in this game the biggest winner is not just the first wave participant, but also the last participant. In this game we use each other greed for each other benefit.



Every time a game round end, we will have the reward Pool, ensuring people to keep in the game, making the cycle keep running indefinitely.

Have you ever been to a casino? You basically bring $100 with hope you get more or hit a jackpot. But you just keep losing, and at the end you are left out with $10 and finally decide to go home. But on your way out you see a $1000 reward jackpot machine with $1 per try. You end up being greedy, and putting your money in again. Perfecting this psychology, in our game, we make your and other greed, to benefit each other, creating a cycle.

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You get Paid and the next contributor get paid subsequently.

The Greed & Give process

in this game every time you help others, it’s also increased the pool amount, this way your help will create greed on others, and this greed will create another help from other people, as it grow the pool will increase. Make a never ending cycle

At the end of the game, the pool will be won by the last participant and the biggest contributor, and some of it will be used for next round pool.

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Token Information

Every INF Token (Influencer Token), will have the right to earn percentage of profit. After purchase you will get affiliate link to promote to your friend.you will get 10% affliate bonus for every INF token they puchase.(bonus in INF token)
  • Total Coin Released: 17.000.000 INF (100%)
  • Coin we Hold: 5.587.500 INF
  • Bounty : 825.000 INF
  • Released on Market : 10.587.500 INF
  • Pre Ico: 750.000 INF with 100% BONUS, 192.623 INF SOLD, completed
  • Phase 1 : 1.250.000 INF with 75% BONUS, Running
  • Phase 2 : 2.000.000 INF with 25% BONUS,
  • Phase 3 : 4.000.000 INF with 10% BONUS,
*Every left out token will be burned.
*Token & ICO purchase bonus will be given after the ICO finish.

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ICO Phase 1, ongoing

Token Left: 615.220 INF









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Our future plan and ongoing development
Q4 2018
  • Whitepaper preparation
  • ICO preparation
  • Team Formation
  • Pre ICO
Q1 2019
  • Main ICO
  • Distributing INF token
  • Laying Game community foundation
Q2 2019
  • Game Platform development
  • Game Platform mock-ups
  • Smart Contract for game platform
  • Website design
  • Game Platform Launching
Q3/Q4 2018
  • INF token listing on exchanger
  • Word of mouth viral expansion
  • Future project published

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